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(AESWA estab. 1996)

Our Objective

The aim of the Ancient Egypt Society of Western Australia is to bring together people fascinated by the culture, mythology and daily life of the Ancient Egyptians - for the purposes of both education and entertainment. Members enjoy informative lectures, participate in a variety of social events and may even visit Egypt on a guided tour.

Members of the public are always welcome to attend our meetings.
Attendance fee per lecture: $4 members, $7 non-members.

We meet at 7pm–9pm on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) at:

The Institution of Engineers
712 Murray Street
(near Thomas Street)
West Perth, Western Australia

Russell Decke, JP, CMC
President AESWA

On tour in Alexandria, January 2009

For all enquiries and information email us at:

Russell Decke, JP, CMC (President of AESWA), phone 0412031431,

Ann Butcher (Vice-President),

Members' benefits
As a member of the Society, you will receive newsletters and notices of forthcoming lectures. You are entitled to a 10% discount at the bookshops of the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery, plus discounts at selected stores. Members may also borrow books and videos from the Society's library.
Download a membership form, print it and follow the instructions: membership document

link to the lecture program

  • Sunday, October 4

    ‘A Thousand Miles Up the Nile’, presented by Dr Michael Birrell.

    For this one-day special event, Egyptologist Dr Michael Birrell takes us on a captivating journey to ancient sites along the Nile. He’ll retrace the 1873 voyage of Amelia Edwards, whose best-selling book A Thousand Mile Up the Nile inspired many an intrepid traveller in Victorian times. For more information and bookings, please contact Dean Kubank on 9459 0548 or Russell Decke on 0412 031 431.

Ancient Egyptian Costumes for Hire: Phone Becky 9364 3303


Nilometer   -  
the newsletter of the AESWA is out now. Free to all members

Educational contact:  Email Dr Jasmine Day  (phone: 94502351 / 0424847030) or email Russell
 (phone: 92492042 / 0412031431)

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Do you enjoy historical fiction about Ancient Egypt?
AESWA member Dr. Patricia L. O’Neill writes award-winning fiction set in the reign of the female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut. The first book of the Hatshepsut Series, Her Majesty the King, was released in early 2010. This was followed by The Horus Throne and recently The Eye of Re.
Visit Trish’s website, for a preview. Click here:

Photos from the AESWA Tour of Egypt, January 2009

Entrance to the hypostyle hall in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, built by Seti I and Rameses II. © Jasmine Day 2009

Newly-cleaned section of the ceiling in the hypostyle hall of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. © Jasmine Day 2009

Roman Period Kiosk of Hathor, originally from Qertassi, rebuilt at Kalabsha. © Jasmine Day 2009

Night at the Temple of Mut, Luxor: the first pylon, hypostyle and peristyle halls and the Mosque of Abu el-Hagag nestled within. © Jasmine Day 2009

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